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Roofing Repair London - Flat and Pitched Roofing Services, Gutters and Cleaning

Roofing Repair London are a highly experienced independant roof repair company who have been serving their customers since 1995. So, if you have a roofing need, you're in luck if you are in an SE2, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE6, SE7, SE8, SE9, SE10, SE14, SE15, SE16, SE28, DA1, DA2, DA3, DA4, DA5, DA7, DA8, DA9, DA10, DA17, DA18, E14, E3, E16, E1 CALL us today.
You will not be disappointed.

Roofing Repair London specialise in Repairs to pitched roofs, flat roofs, gutters, sofits and everything associated with your roof.

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Flat and Pitched Roofing Services

Specialising in the repair and installation of roofing systems since 1995. In particular, your flat and pitched roofing service in both the commercial and domestic sector. We are a small company who take a great deal of pride in all the work we carry out for you and we always endeavour to provide you with the best job at the most competitive price.
We work with the following materials:
Natural slates
Cement fibre slates
Plain tiles both clay and concrete
Concrete interlocking tiles
Concrete clay and concrete ridge and hip tiles
High performance felts
Polycarbonate roof sheets and All lead work.
We cover South and South East London, East London and Kent and the surrounding areas. We offer you a totally reliable and professional service with satisfaction guaranteed.


Cleaning and maintenance of your guttering ensures that rainwater is properly routed to the drains at ground level. This prevents water from overflowing down the walls and causing the walls to become damp which in turn will cause mould within the house on the damp wall. Water that doesn't touch the walls will fall to the ground and will not be guided away from your building's foundation. It is essential that your gutters are kept free of leaves, silt and other debris. We can clean and repair your guttering; leaving it free of all debris and able to do it's job. Installing new guttering at your property is a job that will eventually need doing as the guttering takes the water away from your house and will take a great deal of punishment as it deals with the British weather. We can install new guttering to your specification.


Moss, algae and dirt on your roof can cause many problems as well as spoiling the aesthetics of your home. Regular roof cleaning can prolong the life of your roof as well making it less likely you will need expensive repairs. We can clean your roof to ensure that it is free of debris and moss and repair loose tiles and replace broken tiles, repoint loose ridge tiles and ensure that your roof is watertight and ready for inclement weather conditions. As roofing specialists, we offer you some of the most efficient roofing solutions available for domestic or commercial roofs, whether they're modern or traditional. Why not call us to discuss your requirements?

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